The Hoover canister vacuum has long been known for it's excellent design and outstanding durability. The S-Bag chassis is a proven design with years of service and customer satisfaction since it's inception. Now with the addition of the WindTunnel power brush the new Hoover canister boast exceptional performance with enhanced surface and deep cleaning performance far beyond that of non-WindTunnel design canisters.

A complete cleaning platform with great suction and airflow the Windtunnel Canister easily cleans carpeting and rugs of all types, bare floor surfaces and all areas above the floor as well including furniture, walls, stairs and even auto interiors. A true Power-Team canister, the Windtunnel includes both electric and non-electric floor tools to clean, groom and maintain floors of every type. The included on-board attachment set includes every accessory needed for cleaning above floor areas with detail and the large capacity bag has plenty of room to easily handle even large homes.

The WindTunnel is a power-team canister vacuum which uses two motors for cleaning, one to create suction and the other to turn the brush roller in the power nozzle. The power nozzle used in this Hoover canister features the Windtunnel brush and cavity design and is unlike any other.

WindTunnel is brains over brawn. This Technology shows how Hoover used research and engineering to build a better cleaning vacuum instead of just using a larger motor. WindTunnel set a new standard for cleaning and was quickly recognized for its achievements by many, including several "consumers" magazines, and also many industry professionals.

With the introduction of WindTunnel technology in the mid 90's, The Hoover company elevated the level of cleaning in the American home and raised the bar on the competition through the use of technology. It was quickly discovered during the initial design phase of the WindTunnel (which lasted more than 2 years) that the new technology out-cleaned every domestic model that Hoover was producing at the time. Once the Research and Development was completed the WindTunnel was quickly turned over to production and marketing to be built and sold.

WindTunnel is more than just a name for this vacuum, it describes a patented process that allows this vacuum to clean carpeted floors so well. The basic theory is simple, put more airflow in the nozzle and you will clean better. It was the way in which Hoover went about doing this that makes the WindTunnel so special.

Using CAD (Computer Aided Design) systems, new air ducts were added along the front and rear of the agitator (brush roller) cavity and across the full width of the nozzle. This airflow design envelops the agitator with moving air that is being carried into the filter stream. Unique aero-dynamic air vanes were added to channel the dirt and debris that is agitated from the floor into the air ducts with speed and efficiency.

Instead of seeing the vacuuming process as two separate functions: agitation & suction, the new air ducts help to blend the two processes with a more vertical airflow which is more in harmony with the spinning motion of the agitator. With both agitation and suction working together the WindTunnel significantly improves efficiency without requiring more electricity or more moving parts. The results were dramatic, with much better dirt pickup and a significant reduction in the amount of dirt being scattered back onto the carpet.

Didn't know that vacuums can actually spread dirt around? It's true, with limited airflow delivery to the nozzle in some vacuums the dirt that is beaten from the carpet can actually be swept over the brush roller and shot out from the nozzle before the suction stream can pull it into the filter. The WindTunnel design works to prevent scatter partially by using the vertical airflow to capture the particles sweeping over the brush roller.

Even more important in scatter reduction are the air ducts that run both front and back of the agitator to provide a landing zone for the particles that bounces them into the air stream and are then carried to the filter. Previous vacuums without the WindTunnel technology had no airflow ducts to capture these particles, which would be swept out of the vacuum and back onto the carpet or worse, pushed further down into the carpet's fibers.

The WindTunnel Canister agitator (brush roller) is a single roller body with a double row of bristles arranged in an auger pattern to bring dirt into the air stream. The brush roll housing is made of clear Lexan so you can see the brushing action and verify its operation. The brush roller is driven by a single belt system that operates on the "clean air" side of the nozzle and is not susceptible to damage and wear like regular rubber belts that run within the "dirty" area of the vacuum cleaner. Further more, belt replacement when necessary is made simple and can be achieved with only a screwdriver.

The WindTunnel power brush also features a full wrap protective bumper, brilliant headlight for cleaning in dark areas, edge groomers for cleaning right up to the base boards and an extra wide 15 in cleaning path that allows you to clean faster with fewer strokes.

Connecting the WindTunnel power brush to the vacuum is done with two chromed steel extension wands with quick connecting latch and top mount suction regulator. The vacuums hose is wire reinforced for superior crush resistance and 6 feet in length. The hand grip features an ergonomic "gas-pump" design that is easy to hold and steer with a fingertip operated switch that allows you to power the brush roller motor from the grip to easily move from carpets to hard floors without changing the floor tool for quick pick-ups. The hose attaches to the top of the vacuum with a swivel connector to keep the hose form tangling. The top mount hose connector keeps the vacuum stable when pulling behind you and also give you better airflow with a top-fill bag design.

The WindTunnel uses the large style "S" bag which fit many models, are easy to find and generally inexpensive. The bags are easy to install and drop into a bag holder with a cardboard collar that uses a gasket to seal in the dust and debris. Inside the bag chamber are deep air fins that promote airflow even as the bag fills. A motor protection filter sits in the rear of the bag compartment to protect the motor from a break in the bag and a "missing bag" protection system will prevent closing the bag door without a bag in place.

The front of the Windtunnel canister has a built in carry handle and the entire machine is wrapped in a non-marring furniture protector that keeps the machine from damaging walls or furniture. The front wheel of the three wheel system is a full swivel caster while the two outboard rear wheels are large trundle that allow easy movement on floors of all types. The bottom of the main canister features a storage receptacle that allows you to attach the wand with power brush for easy transport or storage in the upright position.

In the rear of the vacuum is the cord outlet where the power cord is retracted into the vacuum. The 25 foot power cord allows a cleaning reach up to 35 feet from a wall outlet and when your finished cleaning you can retract the cord for safe and convenient storage by the use of a toe operated switch. Opposite of the cord retraction pedal is the main power switch that is also toe operated and controls all power to the vacuums two motor system. Also on top of the vacuum for easy visual verification is the "check bag" indicator which monitors airflow inside the vacuum and lets you know in the event of a full bag or blockage in the system that prevents efficient cleaning.

On the top rear of the canister under a protective cover are the Windtunnel's main tool set. The standard tools are stored inside this compartment where they are within easy reach for use but not in the way while cleaning and can not be knocked off the vacuum while in use.

The full set of cleaning tools provide for all above floor cleaning applications including walls and ceilings, upholstery, stairs, corners, windows, bare floors and much more. Used with or without the two extension wands any of the four tools including the dust brush, crevice nozzle, upholstery tool or floor/wall brush can be used at the end of the hose for detail cleaning.

Also included with the Windtunnel canister vacuum is the Turbine Powered Hand Tool. The powered hand tool greatly increases your cleaning efficiency in areas that are carpeted or upholstered such as stairs, sofas, curtains and even auto interiors. Using the strong suction created by the vacuum's main motor, incoming air is pulled over an impeller that is mounted to a gear belted shaft, which turns the brush roller at amazing speeds.

Using the turbo powered hand tool is roughly equivalent to lifting the vacuums main nozzle off the floor and cleaning your sofa, the difference is that the turbo hand tool is only 5 inches wide and weighs less than a pound.

A must have tool for those with pets, the powered hand tool will lift soils from surfaces with much greater ease than the standard upholstery tool. The turbo tool can attach directly to the hose, or be used in combination with the included extension wands. The turbo brush tool is easily opened for maintenance if needed and uses a lifetime geared belt.

The WindTunnel canister can provide 4-level Allergen Filtration when equipped with Hoovers' Allergen Filtration or DVC's Micro-Lined disposable style "S" bags. The Allergen filtration system gives you great filtration performance, trapping 100% of dust mites, and 99.98% of Ragweed pollens and common grass pollens from the air passing through it. The Allergen filtration vacuums are ideal for allergy suffers of all types including dust allergies (from dust mites) and pet dander along with other common irritants such as pollen, ragweed and grasses. Two other filters in the system including the pre-motor filter and post-motor micro filter serve to protect the vacuum system and further reduce particulate from the vacuum exhaust.

The Hoover S3639 WindTunnel PLUS canister vacuum is a complete vacuum with a bagged collection system and all the tools necessary to clean any home. With innovative WindTunnel power brush, strong airflow and suction, convenient and useful attachments and allergen filtration the WindTunnel can both clean and filter quite well for many years.